Message To Visionaries

Hello, I am Paolo Franchesco; creator of P. Franchesco Ferrucci. 

If you’re reading this, it means that either myself or my team has reached out to you, and we’ve reviewed you & your social media account. 




I’d love for you to be a part of my brand, so I’m inviting you to join the Visionaries of P. Franchesco Ferrucci. 




The Visionaries of P. Franchesco Ferrucci is an invite-only group of the company P. Franchesco Ferrucci.

A group of distinctive, yet low-key menswear fans that I’ve personally handpicked to represent the brand, from all over the world.


The brand P. Franchesco Ferrucci is a young, yet timeless story. Created in 2018, it took less than a year for the company to reach an international audience; being delivered to over 30 countries all over the world.




Becoming a member of the Visionaries of P. Franchesco Ferrucci comes with benefits:



Officially represent the brand. We love personally featuring you guys as the face of the brand on social media, that’s why all models featured on our online store or social media are Visionaries. 

If you become a Visionary, and send in high quality pictures wearing the brand that meet our standards; we’ll feature you on our social media, or even our online store.


Get Paid A High Commission With Us.

We’ll make you a personal visionary discount code to share for 30% off, and we’ll pay you 25% commission from each sale made using your discount code, which is higher than most brands.


Exclusive Monthly Giveaways. All Visionaries will be entered into a monthly raffle exclusive giveaways. Visionaries will also have access to exclusive content, and possible invitations to P. Franchesco Ferrucci events.


Invite Only. Visionaries is an invite only group. The collaborative group of the brand has members in over 20 countries; each member handpicked by Paolo Franchesco. The members spread the brand’s story through their craft and taste. We have artists, bloggers, creators, performers, and adventurers. Even though it is private, members of the Visionaries include:


 Akron Watson, a performer in the Hamilton musical in Chicago.


Alec Arce, a model & actor in Los Angeles.


Livio Rover, an Italian traveler.





How To Join


To become a Visionary, all you have to do is place an order with us; for membership to our platform, for brand representation, and to verify that we can ship to your country.


Franchesco3784 is a 50% off discount code that you may now use for yourself, and for any personal orders. 


After your order, you will receive an order confirmation email that will include access to the Visionaries of P. Franchesco Ferrucci platform. 


You’ll register, receive your discount code to share and officially become a member. 

You can track sales with your code in the Visionaries Dashboard inside our platform. 



Would love for you to join the Visionaries we have in over 20 countries and join our journey. 

If you are unable to place an entry order, any support for the brand means more than enough to me.

 - Paolo Franchesco